Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bagel Delivery

Bagel Delivery (Commercial, Bulk, Large Orders):  A&S Bagels sells our bagels in large quantities at reduced prices to other bagel stores, bakeries, hotels and other food service institutions. Your deli, bagel store, food distribution business can re-sell A&S Bagels. If you are interested in purchasing bagels from A&S Bagels, please contact A&S Bagels at (516)326-9288.

Daily Delivery of A&S Bagels: A&S Bagels can arrange for Daily delivery service to LONG ISLAND and NEW YORK CITY METRO AREA bagel shops, delis, bakeries, catering halls, schools, hotels and other food service institutions.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Delivery of A&S Bagels: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly delivery service of A&S Bagels is available for most bagel stores and food distributors in the continental USA. We can arrange for shipment (by the pallet) of our Frozen Raw Dough Bagels, Frozen Fully Cooked Bagels, and Frozen Par-Baked Bagels to most areas in the continental USA.

Online Orders (Mail Order): If you are interested in small quantities (1 to 5 Dozen) to be delivered to locations outside of the NYC and Long Island area, you should try is not owned and is not managed by A&S Bagels, and is not a subsidiary and is not an affiliate of A&S Bagels.

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